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With 12 years experience in fat loss and qualified as a Weight Management Consultant, I help people lose their excess fat in a healthy and sustainable manner. 


Here is what some of my clients have to say:

"After many years of struggling with my weight, my personal trainer directed me to Janine.  My results have been amazing!  I never truly believed that I would be able to change my eating habits to form a new lifestyle.  I feel more satisfied with making better and healthier eating choices.  Bad eating choices are few and far between.  I have gained much nutritional knowledge from my time with Janine and have learned how to manage my eating habits in a healthy and beneficial way.  During my time with Janine, I also decided to give up smoking.  Janine worked with me on a plan that would help to keep my weight stable.  I did pick up 5kgs and lost it again within a month.  I am glad I made the choice to have Janine as my food coach.  Her knowledge and wise counsel has left me in the best shape I have ever been or even thought possible!"

Candice B.

"Before I met Janine, I used to pride myself on eating well.  In actual fact, I was starving myself.  I struggled to shift any weight and was blaming menopause for it all.  Janine has changed my life.  It has been so easy, eating the foods I love and learning what works and what doesn’t.

Everyone is different, and so I really appreciate my ‘tailor-made' eating plan.  I have lost 10kg and 13% body fat, and have been able to maintain this for the past 8 months already. Just an amazing experience, and I have been given tools for life!"

Jean M.

"I’m a long-time overweight male who struggled until my mid 40’s to lose weight. Dozens of attempts yielded no results.  While living in Dallas, Texas, I was finally able to make a permanent adjustment to my eating and lifestyle with the help of Janine Yuill. Her approach is different from what I had tried in the past. On multiple occasions, Janine reconfigured my eating guideline and exercise.  I never felt overwhelmed.  She made it easy for me.  Her professionalism and flexibility have helped me lose 14kg so far, and all while I continued a regular, but high-travel lifestyle in the United States. Because of Janine's over and above effort, I have been able to remove high blood pressure and imminent Type 2 diabetes risks completely."

Mark H.

"I have been seeing Janine for four months now and have reached my first goal. I have gone from starving myself to eating a heap of vegetables, a few carbs, fruit and protein. The eating guideline that Janine recommended has been attainable.  I have not felt deprived at any time. The sugar cravings are no longer an issue, and the increase in energy levels has undoubtedly helped my cycling."

Megan T.

"The best thing about Janine’s programme is that you never feel like you are on a boring, unsustainable, bland diet.  The eating guideline is flexible enough to use when eating out at restaurants and traveling.  Janine encourages you to continue to be social and live your life but to exercise your discipline muscle and make the best food choices for yourself wherever you are.  She stresses that the fat loss approach that socially isolates you is an unsustainable one.  The better you get at making better food choices under all circumstances in your life (social and otherwise), the more sustainable and healthier your relationship with food will be.  She focuses on helping you understand your body, the food that you put into it, your relationship with food and changing that relationship so you can be healthier and stronger. The weight loss is an added benefit.  With Janine's guidance, her wealth of knowledge and support as well as your own personal commitment and focus it is possible to change your life and relationship with food, and it is worth it!"

Refiloe M.