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Be Vibrant  Be Confident  Be Healthy

Look Amazing


Do you feel like a failure because no matter what you do or how hard you try you cannot get rid of your excess fat?

Are you worried that your excess fat is harming your health?


Are you embarrassed about the way you look?


Are you uncertain about what the best fat loss approach is for you?

For some, a tailored approach to fat loss delivers better results than a mainstream programme.


  • The approach used by Maria-E Fat Loss fits around your tastes and habits as far as possible to help you succeed better at fat loss.

  • The advice is simple to understand and easy to follow.  It removes confusion and allows you to make better food & lifestyle choices often. The result is sustainable and healthy fat loss that can be maintained over time. 

  • More than one strategy is put to work to reduce your excess fat.  Coming at the problem from multiple angles improves your fat loss success rate. 

  • Follow-up support and guidance is there to keep you motived and focused on achieving your fat loss goal.

A vibrant confident healthy person that looks amazing!

Be delighted with your success.

Be proud of your achievement.

Be admired for your accomplishment.


Let's chat.  This can be done online or face to face at my offices in Sandton.

I design and tailor your fat loss solution for you.

We implement your solution together.

Make use of the follow-up support and guidance and get to your weight loss goal.

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